Justus Liebig University Giessen/International Summer Course 2015

Zapraszamy studentów UŁ do zapoznania się z poniższą informacją dot. International Summer Course 2015 organizowanego przez Justus Liebig University Giessen, Niemcy.

The International Summer Course is held in September 2015 immediately before the start of the Winter Semester (2015: August 27 – September 25), and offers 4 weeks (96 hours) of instruction in the German language, with a focus on basic grammar, cultural background, text production and communicative skills.

The special character of the International University Summer Course resides in its program of individual mentoring. Not only does this approach help you to get acquainted with the University, but it also introduces you to the city of Giessen and its environs. The International Summer Course also runs excursions (to Frankfurt am Main and Heidelberg, for example) and interactive workshops on such topics as video, newspapers, theater, dancing, and cooking. At the end of the Summer Course, participants receive a certificate detailing the number of ECTS points (4) obtained.

HSK-Flyer 2015

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