Szkoły letnie

  1. Konsul z Ambasady USA w  Łodzi – spotkanie dla studentów – środa 13 grudnia 2017
    Ambasada Stanów Zjednoczonych w Warszawie oraz Camp Counselors USA-Poland, partner Departamentu Stanu zapraszają na spotkanie z konsulem, panią Karoliną Orton, która:
    – przedstawi wakacyjne programy wymiany oraz inne programy wymiany ze Stanami Zjednoczonymi skierowane dla studentów
    – wyjaśni ułatwienia wizowe dla studentów oraz zasady i proces aplikacyjny
    – odpowie na pytania i weźmie udział w dyskusji – pani Konsul bardzo dobrze mówi po polsku
    13 grudnia 2017 roku, środa, godzina 12:00
    Uniwersytet Łódzki, Wydział Filologiczny
    sala Rady Wydziału – Aula 5, 2. piętro
    Link do wydarzenia:
  2. 21st ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU21), 27 January – 10 February 2018, Australia & New Zealand
    Letni Uniwersytet ASEF (ASEFSU21), którego tematem jest  „Młodzież z niepełnosprawnościami: kształtowanie inkluzywnych społeczeństw ASEM” zostanie zorganizowany we współpracy z Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) i University of Canterbury (Christchurch, Nowa Zelandia) od 27 stycznia do 10 lutego 2018 roku.
    Na program wydarzenia składają się:
    1) Dwa tygodnie szkolenia on-line,
    2) Dwutygodniowa wizyta w Australii i Nowej Zelandii (27 stycznia – 10 lutego 2018 r.),
    3) Cztery tygodnie wydarzeń towarzyszących i fazy po-projektowej.
    Organizatorzy zapewniają zakwaterowanie, wyżywienie oraz subwencję na pokrycie kosztów podróży.
    Warunkiem jest odpowiedni wiek (18-30 lat) oraz dobra znajomość języka angielskiego w mowie i w piśmie.
    Aby uzyskać więcej informacji, proszę o zapoznanie się z załącznikami:
  3. Spring Academy conference on American Culture, Geography, History, Literature, Politics & Religion at the  Heidelberg Center for American Studies,Germany, from March 19 to March 23, 2018.Accommodation covered by organizers. SpAc_2018_Reminder
    Further information and the online application form are available until November 15, 2017,
  4. „Spring University Prague 2018: Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty”,  at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) during April 8 – 19,2018.
    This study programme is internationally acknowledged to provide students with a broad understanding of the most significant political and social issues in contemporary Europe.
    Poster: Charles University – Spring University Prague 2018
  5. Prague Summer Schools are seven-day academic programs designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds to enjoy their summer holidays in a unique academic and cultural environment. 1-8 July 2018,  Prague, Czech Republic
  6. University Centre for Environmental & Sustainable Development Studies of the University of Sherbrooke (Québec) Canadainforms about  an online information session will be held on Tuesday October 3rd at midday (12pm EDT; UTC-4).For international students interested in registering for MA courses in French. 17192_Affiche_CUFE_EN
  7. International summer school EPIC in Armenia is a combination of different types of school/camp projects at one place. Courses will take place during 1-21 August 2017 in Tsaghkadzor. For students in various of disciplines.
  8. Kosovo International Summer Academy 2017  on “Peace building in post-conflict areas – Diplomacy, Leadership and Negotiations”: 12-22 July 2017. Prishtina, Kosovo. For students of all levels.  Deadline: June 15th, 2017. Link:
  9. IP Santarém Summer Course, will take place from 4 to 14 of September, 2017 at Polytechnic Institute of Santarém, Portugal. It includes 3 modules: Portuguese Language and Culture (30 hours); Portuguese History and Society (10 hours); Social Entrepreneurship (10 hours).

  10. Italian Summer Language Courses at the University of Cagliari on July and September 2017.This program is designed for all the students nominated for an Erasmus+ stay in Italy for the A.Y. 2017-2018. Participants will be able to get to learn Italian and get 4 ECTS credits before starting their Erasmus+ stay in Italy. Italian Language
  11. 2017 summer edition of the Erasmus Intensive Courses in Italian Language for students nominated to spend their mobility in Italy. Link:
    Locandina Erasmus
    application_form_summer 2017
  12. Summer programme at Charles University in Prague: „Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty” during September 9 – 23, 2017. It will provide students with a broad understanding of the most significant political and social issues in contemporary Europe. Charles University
  13. International Summer Program (ISP) 2017 at the Foreign Trade University, Vietnam. A three-week program will be organized from 14th August to 01st September 2017.  The purpose of the programs is to provide international students with knowledge about the economy of Vietnam, how to do business in Vietnam, and experience of Vietnamese culture.  ISP 2017
  14. 10-20 Days International Summer Academy and 3 Month CAS-Research Program in Switzerland. Successful annual international academic trainings and research programs in Switzerland in the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, mediation, security, intercultural dialogue and human rights which these events bring together state, private and public sector representatives. For students and researchers. Information: Application IPD SA & 3 Month CAS-Research Program 2017
  15. Russian Language Summer School in August is a 2-week program that covers a balance of language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), grammar at an appropriate level from beginner to advanced. Organised by Dostoevsky Omsk State University in Russia, for students. Link:
  16. The ECMM International Summer School will be held from July, 3rd to 6th, 2017 on the Paris Diderot University campus. The school is addressed to students and researchers both from industry and academic institutions and is open to all with an interest in the elaboration and study at different scales of structured materials. Several topics such as hybrid organic-inorganic materials, physics of soft matter, nanocomposites, biogels, magnetic sensitive materials, thermal investigation, (micro) rheology, dynamic light scattering, microscopy, velocimetry, laser and Brillouin spectroscopy, statistics and numerical analysis will be explored.
  17. English Language Summer School 2017 at Wrexham Glyndŵr University, Wales/UK. This four week intensive English language and cultural studies programme offers 25 hours a week of guided learning opportunities at intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels of English.
    ENGLISH LANGUAGE SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 Wrexham Glyndwr University
    Engineering English Language Summer School 2017 Wrexham Glyndwr University
    Business English Language Summer School 2017 Wrexham Glyndwr University
  18. English Language Summer School in Wales, UK. Strong focus on listening and speaking as well as  reading and writing skills. Courses run during Summer in July and August 2017 at Glyndŵr University Wrexham. For students.
  19. Cologne Summer School on International Perspectives in Teacher Education 2017. The Cologne Summer Schools programs offer courses in various university disciplines, all designed to broaden basic and advanced knowledge. Regardless of the course of study, you benefit from an intercultural and intereducational experience in the vibrant city of Cologne. 31 July to August 18, 2017. For students. Link:
  20. Summer School at UWS Paisley Campus, University of the West of Scotland. Throughout the six week programme you will study two modules from a range of options in the following disciplines: Option A:The Human Side of Technology, Digital Marketing, Exploring Psychology or  Option B: Get Into Enterprise, General English, Cultures of the English-speaking World 1. From Monday 3rd July – Friday 11th August 2017. For students.
    More information: international-summer-school-flyer
  21. Summer School Ambivalences of Europeanization at the European University Viadrina, Germany.
    The program deals with violence and conflicts throughout Europe, as well as it´s economic conditions and the cooperation and legal basis of the EU´s institutions. 31 May  – 14 July , 2017. For undergraduate students in European Studies, Global Studies, History, Social Studies, Cultural Studies, Business Administration & Economics. Tuition waived for students from partner institutions.Deadline for online application at the Viadrina: March 5, 2017
    More information: infosheet_summer-school-2017
  22. 2017 Nankai Summer School in Nankai University, China, one of UŁ partner Universities. Provides students with the  opportunity to experience Chinese culture and offers  series of interdisciplinary topics like Chines Economics, Business, History, Society, Law and Public Policy.  2017 Nankai Summer School: June 19 – July 16, 2017. Deadline: May 31, 2017, for students.
    Link: 2017-NANKAI-summer-school_CHINA
    Candidates are asked to contact the International Relations Office UŁ first:
  23. Konkurs dotacyjny w obszarze Edukacja organizowany przez Fundację Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej w Warszawie. O dofinansowanie w ramach konkursu mogą ubiegać się projekty polsko-niemieckie: podnoszące jakość dwu- lub wielostronnych relacji poprzez pogłębienie wiedzy na wybrane tematy (w tym specjalistyczne i historyczne); podnoszące kompetencje językowe i wiedzę o kraju sąsiada; służące doskonaleniu zawodowemu i specjalistycznemu; dotyczące edukacji kulturalnej.
    – Termin składania wniosków: 1-31 stycznia 2017 r.
    – Przewidywany termin rozstrzygnięcia konkursu: marzec 2017 r.
    – Termin realizacji projektów: od 1 kwietnia 2017 r. do 31 grudnia 2017 r.
    – Okres realizacji projektu jest ograniczony. Projekty powinny zostać zrealizowane do końca 2017.
    more information
  24. Conference The Young Leaders’ Forum, organisers: Antall József Knowledge Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, International Visegrad Fund.The Young Leaders’ Forum (YLF) will feature outstanding young professionals (aged 24-38), soon to become important actors and decision-makers in the field of innovation, political and social sciences, as well as healthcare. The main purpose of YLF is to foster a lively dialogue among young innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs, as well as active PhD researchers, young diplomats, and young professionals at companies investing in innovative projects. During the three-day event, participants will have the opportunity to exchange best practices, experience, and ideas in order to create a common standpoint on the main topics of the conference, as well as to attend its different sessions. 29-31 March 2017, Budapest.
    Link: The Young Leaders’ Forum (YLF)
    Programme programme_ylf2017
    more information: 2017_call-for-application
  25. IPD Summer Academy:  Institute for Peace & Dialogue Summer Academy, Switzerland
    During the Summer Program 2017 experienced experts of IPD will share professional and academic skills about Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Security, Intercultural Dialogue & Human Rights topics. This year it includes also 1 day to trip Zurich City for Sightseeing and  lunch.
    VII International Summer Academy: 11 – 19 August, 2017 (10 Days)
    VIII International Summer Academy: 20 – 29 August, 2017 (10 Days)
    Deadline for Applications: 01 June, 2017
  26. IPD Academic Programs: Theory – Practice – Research – Exchange – Networking – Contribute in   Baar, Switzerland. Programs in Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation, Mediation, Security and Intercultural Dialogue. Applicants can choose either 10 days Winter Academy or 3 Month CAS-Research program in their filled application. For students, PhD, Academics.
    Winter Academy: 17-26 February, 2017 (10 Days). The main goal of the 10 days Winter Academy is to strengthen the skills of the representatives of state organisations, business sector, INGOs/NGOs, education institutions, religious organisations, independent mediators and politicians through institutional global academic education in peacebuilding, mediation, conflict resolution, security and intercultural dialogue.  Deadline for Applications: 01 November, 2016.
    Info: IPD Winter Academy 17-26 February, 2017, Switzerland
    Application: IPD WA & 3 Month CAS-ResearchProgram 2017
    Speakers: experts-topics-ipd-wa-2017
    Programme: infopack-ipd-wa-3-month-cas-research-program-2017|
  27. List of Summer Courses in August 2017 organised by Radboud University, The Netherlands. Renowned academic staff from Radboud University, Radboud University Medical Centre and some of its international partners will offer carefully selected courses that will inspire students and researchers and provide them with the opportunity to extend their network. Our courses are intended for international and Dutch students at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level. Some courses also accept postdocs and professionals.
    Link: Radboud Summer Schools
  28. 3 semester International Programmes taught in English for international students at the Faculty of Commerce, the School of Industrial Engineering and the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain. Offered courses are:
    School of Industrial Engineering
    Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering
    Faculty of Commerce

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