Kursy/Szkoły letnie

  1. Polin Meeting Point – Summer Education School, 13-27 April 2017. Intense two weeks curriculum, offering young people the opportunity to meet in the international group and participate in a series of lectures, workshops, discussion and study visits. Link:

  2. International Summer University of Prishtina, Kosovo. It will be held from the 3rd to the 14th of July. This year’s programme will bring together local and international professors and lecturers for a period of two weeks, and will provide 11 credited courses covering a wide range of study fields like: law, economics, sports, social sciences, civil engineering etc. For students. Link:
  3. Summer school on Health Law and Ethics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 28 June – 7 July 2017. The summer school provides students, academics, professionals and practitioners, with an opportunity for intensive training in various aspects of health law and ethics over a two-weeks period, while absorbing the sights, sounds and culture unique to Rotterdam and the Netherlands. It offers a custom-developed course taught by leading academics in their field. For more information and to register for the summer school visit:
  4. Russian Language Summer School in August is a 2-week program that covers a balance of language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), grammar at an appropriate level from beginner to advanced. Organised by Dostoevsky Omsk State University in Russia, for students. Link:
  5. 12th International Summer School of Economics, organized by Faculty of Economics, University of Niš, Serbia. It will further explore the topic of Project Management. July 8-14th, 2017, at Bor Lake in Serbia, for students. Link:
  6. 7th Summer School on Democracy and Development at AAB College. Main topics: International development, post-conflict societies, decentralization, dispute resolution in Kosovo and Balkans. The summer school will be held during 14-27 August 2017 and the deadline for applications is 31 May 2017. Link:
  7. Summer School The Brazilian Seminars at PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro,Brasil. July 13-28th, 2017, Application deadline: May 31st, 2017. Through a combination of lectures on different areas of interest, ranging from politics and economics to environment, from culture and social issues to public health, the program will provide students, young scholars and international administrators with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about Brazil and discuss the current issues that are in the global scenario. Link: Brazilian Seminars 2017
  8. Delightful Istanbul 2017 International Summer School of Istanbul Aydin University between the 29th July and 12th August 2017. All students from different fields of study are welcomed in this program. The registrations are open and early registration discount period end on the 15th of May.
    Online Application:
  9. Bologna University Greek and Latin Summer School. The courses will take place in Bologna, in the Department of Classics and Italian studies from 19th June to 7th July 2017 and are open to students (undergraduate and post-graduate) and non-students alike. Link:
  10. Bavarian Summer School „The Future of Health Care”place at Nuremberg and Weiden from July 24th until August 4th 2017.It aims to bring together advanced Bachelor’s students from the fields of health care as well as various engineering disciplines to discuss and learn about current challenges in the health care sector. The summer school is held in English. Lectures and keynotes giving an overview of current issues the health care sector is facing: digitalization, infection control and ageing society. Link:
  11. Summer School „Central Europe: History & Culture – Architecture & Society” at Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic, July 22/23 – August 20, 2017. This comprehensive summer school will give great insight into European culture and architecture.The knowledge and understanding gained during this summer school, is particularly of interest in the current, complex new era of globalisation. For students. Link:
    Poster SSCE
    Payment Details – Terms and Conditions – Summer School – Central Europe –
    Application form – Summer School – Central Europe
  12. UniTrento International Summer School on Global Challenges: Trento, 2-15 July 2017.The summer school is open to master and senior bachelor students with a background in social sciences and humanities. Link:
  13. The ECMM International Summer School will be held from July, 3rd to 6th, 2017 on the Paris Diderot University campus. The school is addressed to students and researchers both from industry and academic institutions and is open to all with an interest in the elaboration and study at different scales of structured materials. Several topics such as hybrid organic-inorganic materials, physics of soft matter, nanocomposites, biogels, magnetic sensitive materials, thermal investigation, (micro) rheology, dynamic light scattering, microscopy, velocimetry, laser and Brillouin spectroscopy, statistics and numerical analysis will be explored.

  14. English Language Summer School 2017 at Wrexham Glyndŵr University, Wales/UK. This four week intensive English language and cultural studies programme offers 25 hours a week of guided learning opportunities at intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels of English.
    ENGLISH LANGUAGE SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 Wrexham Glyndwr University
    Engineering English Language Summer School 2017 Wrexham Glyndwr University
    Business English Language Summer School 2017 Wrexham Glyndwr University
  15. Renzo Imbeni Summer School “Rethinking the European Union sixty years after the Treaty of Rome”, 8th to 12th September 2017 in the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy). The 30 participants will have the chance to meet high-profile figures from the worlds of politics and institutions, from the academic field, from important European think tanks and from varied expressions of civil society. The Call for Candidates is open until April 28th 2017.
    SSRI2017_Call for candidates
  16. Baltic Model  United Nations conference titled: „Empowering Women” 18-19 May 2017 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Link:
  17. NATO Youth Summit 2017 Tirana, Albania in Tirana, Albania on May 7-10, 2017. It aims to increase participants’ general knowledge of NATO and current security threats, as well as become informed on different policies and positions on current issues. Participants will also have ample opportunity to develop highly-marketable leadership skills such as negotiation and persuasion, teamwork and communication skills. For students.
  18. SUMMER SCHOOL ALPINE EUROPE The Forest Sector’s Contribution to Sustainability of Built Environment in Alpine Europe at the University of Primorska, Slovenia. It is open to students of all cycles. It will take them through Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria and Switzerland between June 24 and July 8. Link:
  19. Corvinus University of Budapest Summer School in four optional courses: Global Economy and International Trade, Economics of Post-Communist Countries, International Development, Project Analysis and Case Studies in Finance. 3rd of July-14th of July 2017, for students.
  20. II International student competition: „Place branding and mediterranean diet”, University of Macerata, Italy. Students will focus on understanding  the potential of food and gastronomy as elements of place branding and local development, understanding the potential of ICT and social media to boost the reputation of a rural area,  elaborating innovation and development strategies and paths for the local association of entrepreneurs and practitioners.  Dates: 2-7 May  2017; fee: 450 € for students (March 6th after it will be 600 €) – all included. More information
  21. Summer School on „Nationalism, Religion and Violence in Europe and the Mediterranean” at The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. For students with an interest in the subjects like  history, religion, culture, politics, journalism and international relations. 19-30 June 2016. Link:
  22. Summer Abroad: Spanish Language and Culture in July 2017. The program aims to provide international students interested in learning Spanish with the opportunity to immerse in the Spanish culture through this 4-week program which combines academic instruction, visits and excursions, and accommodation with a local host family.
  23. DAAD Summer School at the University of Passau with the main focus on „The Concept of the Eastern Partnership: Potentials and Problems”. In an intense discourse with experts and the discussion of the concept of the Eastern Partnership with a focus on history, politics and economics, the alumni have the opportunity to stimulate further scientific and practical exchange from 3rd of July 2017 to 07th of July 2017. The application documents must be submitted by 28th of February 2017 in a PDF file and in German language via e-mail to:
    For all alumni of the DAAD and other scholarships from Eastern European EU countries, Russia
    and Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine), who are currently studying or working in their home country. Link:
  24. U.S. – German Summer Law School, at the Justus Liebig University Giessen from July 15th until August 12th 2017 designed to challenge and inspire our participants in highly popular fields of law, taking into account an interdisciplinary program. Students are also encouraged to attend German language courses.
  25. Hessen International Summer University in Intellectual Property and Biotechnologyat the Justus Liebig University Giessen, from July 15th until August 12th 2017. Aimed to help participants broaden their horizons by bringing them closer to foreign cultures and fields of law.
  26. International Summer School in German as a Foreign Languageat Trier University, Germany. Programme includes: German courses on all levels from A1 to C2, an Europe-oriented academic lecture and seminar program,  a seminar on current didactic methods and pedagogical concepts and excursions in Germany, France and Luxemburg. Cost: 600 €; Dates: August 7 to September 1, 2017. Link:
  27. Summer Courses 2017 at University of the Azores (Portugal) in 5 varoius topics :
    – Geological Hazards: To understand the economic and social impact of major highly destructive geological events and frame them within Earth dynamics. To identify geological hazards mainly those related to volcanic regions; understand the dynamics of seismic and volcanic events as consequence of diverse geological processes. To understand the variability, intensity and magnitude of the different geological hazards. 3 – 18 June 2017. Link:
    – Natural History of the Azores Islands: This program provides a panoramic view of Azorean Natural Heritage and will explore emblematic aspects of Azorean biodiversity and environment. June 12 – July 1, 2017. Link:
    –  Azorean Literature, History and Culture:  This course provides a panoramic view of Azorean Culture and will explore emblematic works of Azorean literature and culture. June 12 – July 1,  2017. Link:
    – Portuguese Foreign Language – A1 Beginner: This course’s main purpose is to develop the linguistic skills of foreign students set to the A1 level (beginner) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students should acquire vocabulary and grammatical structures that help them a good proficiency with regard to social relations in a wide range of contexts. June 12 – July 1,  2017. Link:
    – Portuguese Foreign Language – B1 Intermediate: The aim of this course is to develop the linguistic skills defined for level B1 (threshold-intermediate) in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students should acquire vocabulary and a command of grammatical structures to enable them to become independent users of Portuguese. June 12 – July 1,  2017. Link:
  28. Summer School on Health Law and Ethics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The course is designed to enhance the preparation of health professionals confronted with legal and ethical issues. The course focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects of health law and ethics.
    For students, academics, professionals and practitioners.  27 June – 7 July 2017
  29. Prague Summer School of Journalism at the Charles University. This program is intended for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students. The Summer School programme will be interesting for students of communication studies, international studies, political studies, sociological studies, and other related fields. 27 August-10 September 2017
  30. Prague Summer Schools 2017 are seven-day academic programs designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds to enjoy their summer holidays in a unique academic and cultural environment.1-8 July 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic; DEADLINE: March 30.For its 13th edition, PSS offer the following programs:
    China: A World Superpower – Myth or Reality?  Education: The Future of SchoolEuropean Politics: Interests versus Culture Behavioral Economics and PsychologyDevelopment, Sustainability and Globalization Crime, Law and Psychology Link:
  31. Summer Schools taking place in Riga Technical University in August 2017.
    – Summer School Nonlinear Life: Students will attend lectures of scientists in the fields of dynamics of nonlinear systems, medical engineering and physics. Seminars will cover topics such as preparation of scientific publications, computer simulation of nonlinear dynamic systems and will be organized in the research facilities of RTU. Participation fee is EUR 700. The deadline for submitting the application is 5 May 2017. More information: Summer School 2017 Nonlinear Life The application form can be downloaded at
    – Summer School Woodcraft and Art Summer School: The summer school offers a programme consisting of lectures, workshops and discussions, company site visits, countryside visits, guided excursions and exciting parties. The programme will be conducted by a local team – designers, artists, technologists, designing engineers and invited experts. There will be lectures on different aspects of wood manufacturing and design. Participation fee is EUR 700.  The deadline for submitting the application is 5 May 2017. More information: Summer School 2017 Woodcraft and Art The application form can be downloaded at
  32. English Language Summer School in Wales, UK. Strong focus on listening and speaking as well as  reading and writing skills. Courses run during Summer in July and August 2017 at Glyndŵr University Wrexham. For students.
  33. Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theory Cultures at the University of Bologna, Italy.
    Classes, seminars, public meetings and debates will address this topic both from an historical and a theoretical perspective, and through the analysis of exemplary case studies, aiming at providing critical tools for the understanding of the current dynamics. The Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theory will take place in Bologna across two whole weeks from June 26 to July 7, 2017. The intensive program consists of lectures, seminars, critical dialogues, workshops, and project presentations. For students.
  34. Summer School „Hungarian Culture and Tradition” for students of Humanities and Social Sciences.
    7 August 2017, Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPCU), Budapest, Hungary.
  35. Aristotle University Summer School: „Financial crime, corruption and money laundering: European and international perspectives”.The summer school will focus on ongoing developments in combating international fraud, international tax evasion and tax avoidance, corruption and money laundering, international and European anti-fraud mechanisms and procedures, etc. 5-13 July 2017 at the Faculty of Law – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  For students.
    More information: summer-school-flyer
  36. Summer School at University of Eastern Finnland. It gives an excellent opportunity to experience an innovative and international learning environment while creating new networks with fellow students. 14-25 August 2017 at University of Eastern Finnland
    More infromation: uef_summerschool_card
  37. Kosovo International Summer Academy 2017, with a special focus on “Peace building in post-conflict areas – Diplomacy, Leadership and Negotiations”.12-22 July 2017. Prishtina, Kosovo. Kosovo International Summer Academy elaborates different topics on economics, politics, diplomacy, professional etiquette and protocol, leadership, peaceful conflict resolution, EU Integration process, international law, human rights, international justice, international security and the role of civil society in building peace, in interactive lectures with diplomats, high ranking officials, representatives of civic society and prestigious local and international organizations.
    More information: kosovo-international-summer-academy-call-for-applications-2017
  38. International Summer University of the University of Tartu in Estonia.The aim of this programme is to introduce the crucial changes in two Baltic societies, brought up by the collapse of communism. The programme will introduce the challenges and achievements of social, economic and political reforms and their past, present and future impacts on local as well as on international scale. Students will learn of state-of-the-art achievements generated by quick and efficient transformation from state-controlled economic system into free market economy. 2-22 July, 2017, for students.Link:
  39. Summer School on Intellectual Property” 2017 in Bonn. The Summer School addresses graduate and postgraduate students from any field of study. It will take place from July 31 to August 11, 2017. The program is conducted in English.
    More information: poster-summer-school-on-intellectual-property-2017
  40. Cologne Summer School on International Perspectives in Teacher Education 2017. The Cologne Summer Schools programs offer courses in various university disciplines, all designed to broaden basic and advanced knowledge. Regardless of the course of study, you benefit from an intercultural and intereducational experience in the vibrant city of Cologne. 31 July to August 18, 2017. For students. Link:
  41. Summer School at UWS Paisley Campus, University of the West of Scotland. Throughout the six week programme you will study two modules from a range of options in the following disciplines: Option A:The Human Side of Technology, Digital Marketing, Exploring Psychology or  Option B: Get Into Enterprise, General English, Cultures of the English-speaking World 1. From Monday 3rd July – Friday 11th August 2017. For students.
    More information: international-summer-school-flyer
  42. Summer School Ambivalences of Europeanization at the European University Viadrina, Germany.
    The program deals with violence and conflicts throughout Europe, as well as it´s economic conditions and the cooperation and legal basis of the EU´s institutions. 31 May  – 14 July , 2017. For undergraduate students in European Studies, Global Studies, History, Social Studies, Cultural Studies, Business Administration & Economics. Tuition waived for students from partner institutions.Deadline for online application at the Viadrina: March 5, 2017
    More information: infosheet_summer-school-2017
  43. 2nd Central European PhD Workshop on Economic Policy and Crisis Management, University of Szeged. Workshop is openED to all PhD students from Central European doctoral schools, working in the fields of economic policy and crisis management. Its aim is better understanding of the challenges in national and international economic policies. 23rd-24th March 2017, Szeged, Hungary.
  44. International Summer School in Human Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. The Jyväskylä Summer School in Human Sciences comprises 21 interdisciplinary courses for students interested in e.g. art and culture studies, education, sport and health sciences, psychology, communication, social sciences and philosophy or related fields. We have also included, for the first time, one PhD-level course in our programme. 22 May – 16 June 2017.
    More information: summer-school-in-human-sciences-2017
  45. 2017 Nankai Summer School in Nankai University, China, one of UŁ partner Universities. Provides students with the  opportunity to experience Chinese culture and offers  series of interdisciplinary topics like Chines Economics, Business, History, Society, Law and Public Policy.  2017 Nankai Summer School: June 19 – July 16, 2017. Deadline: May 31, 2017, for students.
    Link: 2017-NANKAI-summer-school_CHINA
    Candidates are asked to contact the International Relations Office UŁ first:
  46. The European Summer School under a title „Challenged Union: Making Sense of the Troublemakers (…or at least trying to)”. European Summer School is organized under auspices of the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic, in cooperation with Prague College and Faculty of Social Science of Charles University in Prague. The programme focuses on current issues that the European Union faces, with a special focus on Euroscepticism and its manifestations in member states. Prague, July 15-25 2017, for university students.
  47. NOHA Spring School in Humanitarian Action 2017 -Vilnius University. The Spring School aims at training those who are involved in humanitarian action and feel the need to upgrade their basic knowledge and skills – civil servants, staff of international and non-governmental organizations, academy and more generally those who are willing to join the humanitarian action. It will take place 8-12 May 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania, for students.
    Registration online:
    More information: spring_school_2017_programme_20170108
  48. The academy of global humanities and critical theory ( is pleased to announce that the call for application for the 2017 edition of the summer school in global studies and critical theory is now open.This year the Summer School will focus on sovereignty and social movements.Summer School will take place in Bologna from June 26 to July 7, 2017.For detailed information see the website: or contact
    Applications must be submitted by April 15th, 2017.
  49. The University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU), the leading institution in the Basque university system, is organizing a great academic and fun programme through its “Basque Culture II. International Summer School”, a comprehensive approach to the identity and culture of the Basque Country, from the 3rd to the 14th of July 2017.
    The registration period: before 29 April 2017.
    Basque Culture Brochure
    Basque Culture II. International Summer School
  50. Konkurs dotacyjny w obszarze Edukacja organizowany przez Fundację Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej w Warszawie. O dofinansowanie w ramach konkursu mogą ubiegać się projekty polsko-niemieckie: podnoszące jakość dwu- lub wielostronnych relacji poprzez pogłębienie wiedzy na wybrane tematy (w tym specjalistyczne i historyczne); podnoszące kompetencje językowe i wiedzę o kraju sąsiada; służące doskonaleniu zawodowemu i specjalistycznemu; dotyczące edukacji kulturalnej.
    – Termin składania wniosków: 1-31 stycznia 2017 r.
    – Przewidywany termin rozstrzygnięcia konkursu: marzec 2017 r.
    – Termin realizacji projektów: od 1 kwietnia 2017 r. do 31 grudnia 2017 r.
    – Okres realizacji projektu jest ograniczony. Projekty powinny zostać zrealizowane do końca 2017.
    more information
  51. Conference The Young Leaders’ Forum, organisers: Antall József Knowledge Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, International Visegrad Fund.The Young Leaders’ Forum (YLF) will feature outstanding young professionals (aged 24-38), soon to become important actors and decision-makers in the field of innovation, political and social sciences, as well as healthcare. The main purpose of YLF is to foster a lively dialogue among young innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs, as well as active PhD researchers, young diplomats, and young professionals at companies investing in innovative projects. During the three-day event, participants will have the opportunity to exchange best practices, experience, and ideas in order to create a common standpoint on the main topics of the conference, as well as to attend its different sessions. 29-31 March 2017, Budapest.
    Link: The Young Leaders’ Forum (YLF)
    Programme programme_ylf2017
    more information: 2017_call-for-application
  52. IPD Summer Academy:  Institute for Peace & Dialogue Summer Academy, Switzerland
    During the Summer Program 2017 experienced experts of IPD will share professional and academic skills about Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Security, Intercultural Dialogue & Human Rights topics. This year it includes also 1 day to trip Zurich City for Sightseeing and  lunch.
    VII International Summer Academy: 11 – 19 August, 2017 (10 Days)
    VIII International Summer Academy: 20 – 29 August, 2017 (10 Days)
    Deadline for Applications: 01 June, 2017
  53. IPD Academic Programs: Theory – Practice – Research – Exchange – Networking – Contribute in   Baar, Switzerland. Programs in Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation, Mediation, Security and Intercultural Dialogue. Applicants can choose either 10 days Winter Academy or 3 Month CAS-Research program in their filled application. For students, PhD, Academics.
    Winter Academy: 17-26 February, 2017 (10 Days). The main goal of the 10 days Winter Academy is to strengthen the skills of the representatives of state organisations, business sector, INGOs/NGOs, education institutions, religious organisations, independent mediators and politicians through institutional global academic education in peacebuilding, mediation, conflict resolution, security and intercultural dialogue.  Deadline for Applications: 01 November, 2016.
    Info: IPD Winter Academy 17-26 February, 2017, Switzerland
    Application: IPD WA & 3 Month CAS-ResearchProgram 2017
    Speakers: experts-topics-ipd-wa-2017
    Programme: infopack-ipd-wa-3-month-cas-research-program-2017|
  54. Summer School on Development Policy in Universität Bonn, Germany. The Summer School addresses graduate and postgraduate students from any field of study. It will take place from July 31 to August 11, 2017. The program is conducted in English.
    Link: summer-school-on-development-policy
    Flyer: summer-school-on-development-policy-2017;
    Poster: Poster
  55. International Summer Course for German Language and Cultural Studies in Universität Bonn, Germany.The International Summer Course offers participants the opportunity to learn the German language or to deepen already existing language skills, to gain an insight into the German country traditions, to participate in interesting excursions, to get to know the internationally recognized University of Bonn 02.- 25 August 2017, for students.
  56. Summer French Courses 2017, University of Geneva, Switzerland.  Courses offered:French-English; French-German;  French-Spanish. From 26 June to 25 August 2017, for students.
    Link: French Summer Course at the University of Geneva
    more informtion: cours-dete-2017-fr-en
  57. Paris Diderot Summer School in Université Paris Diderot, France.This immersion program is intended for international students who want to improve their French language skills and discover French culture during 3 weeks. Program’s dates: from July 3rd to 21st, 2017; Application: from January to April, 2017
    Programme: Paris-diderot-summer-school-program-for-2017

  58. 8th World Peace Choral Festival in Vienna, 26 – 29 July 2017. Under the slogan „Coming together to sing, singing for a better future”, the young participants will promote world peace by means of their music. The World Peace Choral Festival aims at enhancing intercultural understanding and communication in order to produce mutual respect and harmony.
    Link: 8th World Peace Choral Festival
    Application: 2017-application-form
  59. List of Summer Courses in August 2017 organised by Radboud University, The Netherlands. Renowned academic staff from Radboud University, Radboud University Medical Centre and some of its international partners will offer carefully selected courses that will inspire students and researchers and provide them with the opportunity to extend their network. Our courses are intended for international and Dutch students at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level. Some courses also accept postdocs and professionals.
    Link: Radboud Summer Schools
  60. Summer Course”The European system of Human Rights Protection” at The European University Viadrina, Germany, 9-22 July 2017. This course is especially designed for advanced undergraduate students or recent graduates in order to provide students from all countries of both Western and Eastern Europe with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of human rights law and policy within the transnational European context.
    Link: Summer course
  61. 3 semester International Programmes taught in English for international students at the Faculty of Commerce, the School of Industrial Engineering and the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain. Offered courses are:
    School of Industrial Engineering
    Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering
    Faculty of Commerce

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