The Young European Citizen’s Convention in July in Cluny, France

The Young European Citizen’s Convention is an unconventional summer school that takes place every year in July in Cluny, France. The central theme is Europe and the European Union. This year, we decided upon a very important and relevant topic: Equality ? Discrimination ? Inclusion ? A place for everyone within the European Union.

In  this regard, participants coming from all over Europe and beyond will spend 10 days working on and elaborating proposals to combat discrimination within European society in order to create an environment where diversity is the backdrop to a genuine coming together of European citizens. They will be supported throughout this process by a team of organisers (compromising ex participants) and experts. At the end of the 10 day period, the participants of the Young European Citizens Convention 2014 will have elaborated 5 proposals that enable us to fight against discrimination and to promote equality and inclusion. These proposals could be illustrated using video clips.

We are still looking for applicants from certain countries such as Poland ! As such, me and my team, we would be really grateful if you could share this information with the students at your university!

Appel à candidature 2014 – CLUNY – Prolongation

Prolongation_May_Call for applications 2014 _CLUNY

Deadline for application: 31th May 2014


BWZ UŁ nie pośredniczy w kontakcie z organizatorami wydarzenia


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