Outgoing study mobilities winter semester 2021/2022 academic year

Rules of enrolment and financing mobility of UL students going to partner countries in order to carry out student mobility for studies (SMS) under Erasmus+ KA107 – 2021/2022 winter semester.

The enrolment is open between 21 April and 10 May 2021.

This round of enrolment is open to outgoing University of Lodz students carrying out study mobility lasting no more than 5 months, financed under Erasmus+ KA107 in the winter semester of the 2021-2022 academic year.

In order to carry out a part of their studies abroad in the 2021-22 winter semester under Erasmus+ KA 107 with programme countries, the students may only depart to partner institutions that the University of Lodz has signed co-operation agreements with, subject to the locations, study fields and study levels agreed. The current enrolment is valid for the following partner institutions:

Universiteti Metropolitan Tirana, Albania

University of Sarajevo Faculty of Political Science, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The period of mobility for studies within Erasmus+ KA107 shall not be shorter than 90 days (3 months) or longer than 150 days (5 months) within one study cycle. The mobility shall start not earlier than 1 September 2021 and end not later than 31 March 2022 as well as be compliant with to the academic calendar of the partner institution.

Who can apply to receive scholarship for outgoing mobility:

In order to carry out a part of their study programme abroad within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA 107 programme, the students may only depart to the following partner universities, according to the study field table below:

Metropolitan Tirana University_Information about offer_Credit Mobility_for_candidates_2021_22

University of Sarajevo_Information about offer_Credit Mobility_for_candidates_2021_22

Details of mobility offer from Partner Institutions: [link]

  1. The enrolment for the Erasmus+ KA107 scholarship shall be available to a first-cycle (undergraduate) or second-cycle (graduate) student of stacjonarne (full-time, daytime) or niestacjonarne (evening or weekend) degree programme at one of the UL Faculties whose name are provided in the table above. In the enrolment process, the equality of opportunity for men and women, as well as for people with disabilities, shall be observed.
  2. All students of the University of Lodz can apply for the Erasmus + KA107 scholarship, regardless of their citizenship. A student with citizenship other than a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area should check the rules regarding entry into the territory of the host country in relation to their planned stay as a participant in the Erasmus + programme.
  3. The enrollment is open to students who have reached at least the second year of first-cycle (Bachelor’s degree) studies, at least the second year of long-cycle (Direct Master’s) studies or the first year of a Master’s degree programme of second-cycle studies.
  4. Students of the last year who apply for mobility during the last semester of their studies at the UL (subject to Part 9 below), are allowed to do this on the consent of their tutor / thesis supervisor and the appropriate Faculty-level Coordinator of Mobility Programmes. The thesis supervisor’s written consent on the student’s mobility shall be required at the enrolment stage.
  5. Under the Erasmus+ KA107 programme, students are enabled to participate in international student mobility for studies or traineeship more than once, for a total of periods which does not exceed 12 months per each cycle of studies (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level), within the quota – for instance, you may carry out two six-month mobilities or three four-month ones – including the previously completed Erasmus+ (KA 103 or KA 107)/LLP Erasmus/ Campus Europae/Scholarship and Training Fund/Mundus mobility (including „zero-grant” mobilities) regardless of the type (studies or traineeship) and number of mobility periods spent abroad. In the case of pursuing uniform (long-cycle) Master’s degree studies, a student is allowed a larger total of Erasmus+ mobility for studies and/or traineeships which is limited to 24 months. Prior participation in an Erasmus+, LLP Erasmus, Campus Europae, Scholarship and Training Fund, or Mundus mobility, shall be counted within the total of periods of Erasmus+ mobility in the current study cycle – for instance, a student who had previously received an Erasmus+ scholarship for 6 months of Master’s degree study mobility under LLP Erasmus/Erasmus+/Campus Europae/Scholarship and Training Fund/Eramus Mundus mobility may carry out new Master’s degree study mobility with Erasmus+ scholarship for a maximum of 6 months.

For example: if a student has previously received a 6-month LLP-Erasmus grant for a LLP-Erasmus/Erasmus+ (KA 103 or KA 107)/Campus Europae/FSS mobility at undergraduate/graduate cycle, he or she may still use an Erasmus+ grant for same-cycle mobility, but for a period not longer than 6 months. This principle only applies subject to the UL receiving mobility funds from the National Agency.

  1. Each student submits a statement on their previous mobility in relation to mobility quota, i.e. whether they previously participated in Erasmus+ (KA 103 or KA 107)/LLP Erasmus/ Campus Europae/Scholarship and Training Fund/Erasmus Mundus mobility in order to carry out a part of their study programme abroad.
  2. The student qualified for mobility within the Erasmus+ KA107 programme shall not take a dean’s leave, or any other leave of absence in their studies for the period of their mobility. The outgoing mobility student needs to have their UL student status valid for the entire period of their mobility as well as have their previous semester marked with completed status as shown at the USOSWeb platform, or, alternatively, obtain approval for a yearly grading scheme in the academic year of planned mobility.
  3. The Erasmus+ mobility cannot form the basis for prolongation of the period of studies at the UL, at any study cycle. Students cannot apply for prolongation of the period of studies at the UL on the grounds of their need to complete their international student mobility.
  4. The Erasmus+ KA107 financing may only be granted to a student who performs mobility abroad in the equal or related field of study with a curriculum related to the study programme at the home university.
  5. The enrollment is not available to:
  6. a) participants of non-degree postgraduate studies;
  7. b) students granted conditional promotion for the following semester or study year;
  8. c) students who repeat a semester or study year.

Amount of funding

  1. The monthly amount of the Erasmus+ KA107 (student) scholarship for mobility is 700 euros.
  2. The amount of the lump sum for travel is calculated on the basis of the distance that the scholarship holder has to travel to the partner university (based on the distance calculator available on the EC websites
  • Albania – travel cost coverage rate 275 EUR
  • Bośnia i Hercegowina – travel cost coverage rate 275 EUR

Basic enrolment criteria for students

  1. Grade point average (not lower than 3,50)

The following algorithm for the calculation of the students’ grade average from the USOS web platform, as appropriate for the given study year, programme and cycle, is valid for enrollment purposes:

  • For students of first-cycle, second-cycle, and long-cycle Master’s degree studies:

– weighted grade point average for the entire cycle of the home study program pertaining to the student’s application for mobility (subject to the UL Rules of Study).

  • For students of the aforementioned study cycles, who, due to resumption of their studies, repetition of a study year, or a leave of absence, have been registered as students of a study year to which, in accord with the binding Rules of Study, rules for calculation of the grade point average apply:

– weighted grade point average for the entire cycle of the home study program pertaining to the student’s application for mobility.

In any other case different from those listed above, the grade point average shall be calculated for the entire study cycle of the home study program which pertains to the student’s application for the mobility, subject to the provisions of the UL Rules of Study. The student’s grade average shall be obtained from the home Faculty’s Dean’s office, upon the motion of the Faculty Coordinator responsible for the study field/programme which pertains to the Student’s application.

  1. Lack of conditional passes granted for courses or exams.
  2. Ability to use a foreign language at the level required by the partner institution.
  3. Having available mobility quota – pursuant to parts 5 and 6 above.

Required documents:

  1. Proposal Learning Agreement for Studies;
  2. Application Form;
  3. Cover Letter in English;
  4. Foreign language proficiency certificate that confirms the level declared by the student;
  5. Declaration on international mobilities pursued to date
  6. Dean’s office certificate of the grade average of previous (completed) study years;

Terms of the competition

  1. Time frame for submitting applications for scholarships: between 21/4/2021 and 10/5/2021 (11:59 pm).
  2. Submit your document at:Biuro Współpracy z Zagranicą UŁ, ul. Uniwersytecka 3, 90-137 Łódź. The mobility applicant should send documents by post to the above address and/or via e-mail to:

The documents sent via e-mail should be encrypted and secured with password – please send the password via a separate communication channel (MS Teams or call 42 6354790)

Enrolment procedure

Student enrolment takes place as agreed between partner universities, according to the procedure described below.

Stage 1

The University of Lodz is responsible for announcing and disseminating information on enrollment for the Erasmus + KA107 scholarship, by posting it on the website (, notifying individual students, and sending information to the faculty-level Erasmus+ coordinators, who are asked for its dissemination among students.

After closing the enrollment process within the deadline indicated in part 1 of „Terms of the competition”, the application documents of the students will be formally checked by the BWZ UŁ. The complete documents will be forwarded to the partner universities indicated in the applications of the candidates. Incomplete documents will be rejected for formal reasons and they will not be evaluated any further.

Stage 2

The partner university will select the scholarship holder(s) based on the substantive assessment of application documents as well as online interviews conducted with candidates via Skype. The decision of the partner university is final.

Erasmus+ KA107 scholarship payment arrangement

  1. The Erasmus + KA107 scholarship will be paid to the student only for the actual period of study at a partner university abroad, in accordance with the individual scholarship agreement concluded with the University of Lodz, regardless of the costs incurred by the student, e.g. due to accommodation.
  2. A student enrolled for student mobility abroad is obliged to sign an individual agreement in the BWZ/IRO (International Relations Office) at the UL. Failure to sign the agreement by the resumption day of the study year / semester at a partner university may be considered as resignation from the funds allocated and it will constitute a basis for removal from the list of persons provided with the Erasmus + KA107 scholarship funding.

Other conditions

  1. The student has the right to appeal against the decision of the home university (UL) to the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Prof. Łukasz Bogucki, whose decision is final. The appeal may only be made against the decision at Stage 1.
  2. If a candidate resigns from participation in mobility, the scholarship will be awarded to the next person on the reserve list.
  3. Each candidate for the mobility has Pre-Qualified status before receiving written confirmation of admission from the partner university and signing the individual agreement with the University of Lodz.
  4. During the period covered by the Erasmus + scholarship, a participating student may not receive another scholarship financed from EU funds. The student will immediately notify in writing the UL IRO about any scholarship funds received from other sources (e.g. the scholarship of the Polish government). The granting institution  decides whether to retain the student’s right to their scholarship.
  5. Every student granted the Erasmus+ KA107 scholarship financing is obliged to:

– obtain a student visa for their mobility period, if it is required;

– purchase a medical and travel insurance package before departure (an extended package is recommended) covering both travel time and duration of stay in the destination country.

The costs related to visa process and insurance shall be borne by the student.


Following the decisions of partner universities, the UL IRO shall make an enrollment report. The documents of participating students shall be stored by UL IRO for the following five years after UL receives the letter of conclusion and approval of the 2019-1-PL01-KA107-064855 project by the National Agency.

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