Extension of stay 2017/18

Extension of the period of stay – ERASMUS+ student mobility for studies 2017/2018

Students who decide to continue their studies at the University abroad for the following semester, are required to apply (e-mail) to the Faculty/Departmental ECTS Coordinator at the Home Institution for consent on prolongation of study period, regardless if they were initially enrolled for the Winter semester alone or for the whole academic year (Erasmus + SMS / Erasmus+ with PO WER funding).

Extension to the period of study abroad are only available within the time frame of the same academic year, and possible upon consent of two institutions: the Home Institution and the Host Institution, after all the required documents are submitted. The University of Lodz holds a pool of funds to cover the grants of participants who prolong their study mobility.

Additional funds will be distributed between students who prolong their studies as well as those enrolled for two semesters of mobility.

Students of the last study year may extend their study period abroad with the Summer semester on condition that they obtain an additional written consent of their Thesis Promoter (Thesis Supervisor).


  • The (initial) written declaration made by the student via e-mail, with the purpose of informing of his or her intention to extend the study period over the summer semester, should be sent to the ERASMUS + Programme Coordinator at the student’s home UŁ Faculty and to the BWZ (IRO) no later than two weeks before the planned start of the summer semester at the host university.
  • The set of documents necessary to receive the formal consent to extend study mobility with the summer semester should be transferred by the student to the relevant Faculty/Departmental Coordinator at the UŁ. The deadline for sending these documents by the coordinator to the BWZ (IRO) is 30 March 2018.

No documents shall be accepted after the deadline.

The BWZ (IRO) UL shall not accept incomplete documents, or documents submitted directly by students.

The list of documents that the participating student is to submit to the Faculty/Departmental ECTS Coordinator at the UL: deadline – 30.03.2018

  1. Extension Request, addressed to the Faculty Coordinator; it should refer to the Summer semester of the year 2017/2018, show the exact end date of study mobility abroad, and contain the declaration of the student to extend their EHIC card and buy an insurance policy (medical treatment and accident insurance) for the period in question;
  2. Documents that confirm that all the Winter semester classes at the Host Institution are completed and credited by the student (Transcript of Records or other document of academic record issued by the Host Institution). A student who fails to complete the study programme planned for the Winter semester shall not be given consent for the extension of study period;
  3. Host Institution’s written consent for the continuation of the student’s stay into the following semester, with the reservation that the study mobility is carried out under the Erasmus+ Programme (acceptable in the form of an e-mail printout);
  4. Study schedule for the summer semester (Learning Agreement for Studies – Before the Mobility section), agreed and accepted by the ECTS coordinator at the UL and the Host Institution;
  5. Thesis Promoter’s written consent for the extension of study mobility abroad with an extra semester (this applies only to UL students who attend their last study year in the cycle).

Upon receiving a complete set of documents from the student, the Faculty Coordinator expresses opinion on the student’s request and sends the documents to the BWZ (IRO) UL on a current basis, not later than 30 March 2018.  Having received the documents, the BWZ (IRO) shall provide the student with the annex to the agreement extending the studies for the next semester, by sending it to the student’s e-mail address.

The transfer of the grant allocated shall be made after signing the Extension (annexe) to the Grant Agreement by the student.

Transfers shall be made to the bank accounts specified by the students before their departure, not later than 30 days of signing the Extension to the Agreement by the last party (that is UL Authorities).

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