Additional enrolment rules 2019/2020 (summer semester)

Additional Enrolment Rules 2019/2020 – SMS

Student Mobility for Studies within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme: Rules for additional enrolment for mobility in the 2019/20 summer semester.

You may apply through the USOSWeb platform between:

10 June (12 noon) – 24 June 2019 (12 noon).

2nd stage of additional enrolment takes place at the Faculties between 24 June
and 2 July 2019.

  1. In order to carry out a part of their study programme abroad within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, the students may only depart to those partner universities which hold the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, and have signed relevant bilateral agreements with the University of Lodz. The mobility shall be implemented pursuant to the number of places, study fields, and levels specified in these agreements.
  2. The additional enrolment is available to:
    – undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students – the decisive factor is that they retain the student status during the period of study abroad,
    – UL students (Polish and foreign citizens) accepted for first-cycle, second-cycle, and third-cycle study programmes on the grounds of specific regulations.

In the enrolment process, the equality of  opportunity for men and women, as well as for people with disabilities, shall be observed.

Students of the third year of the undergraduate studies may apply for the Erasmus+ student mobility on condition that, throughout the period of their mobility, they maintain their student status by enrollment to a second-cycle programme at the same Faculty of the UL as before. It is recommended that such students are enrolled for mobility in the summer semester only. The obligation to continue studies at the same UL Faculty shall be included into the agreement concluded between the student and the University before the student’s departure.

Similarly, students of the second year of graduate studies may apply for mobility if they declare to maintain their student status at the same Faculty of the UL on a third-cycle programme basis. The obligation to continue studies at the same UL Faculty shall be included in the agreement made between the student and the University before the student’s departure.

  1. The student qualified for mobility within the Erasmus+ programme shall not take
    a dean’s leave, or any other period of break in their studies for the period of their mobility. The outgoing mobility student needs to have their UL student status valid for the entire period of their mobility. Students departing in the summer semester need to have their previous semester completed and registered at the USOSWeb platform, or, alternatively, obtain approval for a yearly grading scheme in the 2019-20 academic year.
  2. The Erasmus+ mobility cannot form the basis for prolongation of the period of studies at the UL, at any study cycle. Students cannot apply for prolongation of the period of studies at the UL on the grounds of the need to complete their international student mobility.
  3. The rule is that the students of the last year who apply for mobility during the last semester of  their studies at the UL, are allowed to do this on the consent of their tutor / thesis supervisor and the appropriate Faculty Coordinator. The thesis supervisor’s written consent on the student’s mobility shall be required at the at the enrolment stage – or, in specific individual cases, at the stage of signing the mobility agreement between the UL and the student, before the departure.
  4. Within the Erasmus+ programme, students are enabled to participate in an international student mobility for studies and/or traineeships more than once, for a total of periods which does not exceed 12 months per each cycle of studies (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level), regardless of the type and number of mobility periods within the quota, eg. two six-month periods, or three four-month periods, including the previously completed Erasmus+/LLP Erasmus/ Campus Europae/Scholarship and Training Fund/Mundus mobility (including „zero-grant” mobilities). In the case of pursuing uniform (long-cycle) Master’s degree studies, a student is allowed a total of periods of Erasmus+ mobility for studies and/or traineeships which does not exceed 24 months.

Prior participation in an Erasmus+, LLP Erasmus, Campus Europae, Scholarship and Training Fund, or Mundus mobility, shall be counted within the total of periods of Erasmus+ mobility in the current study cycle, for example: if a student has previously received a 6-month LLP-Erasmus grant for a LLP Erasmus/Campus Europae/FSS mobility at graduate level, he or she may still use an Erasmus+ grant for graduate-level mobility, but for a period not longer than 6 months. If, however, the student in question enrolls for doctoral studies, the amount of the available Erasmus+ grant may be extended so as to cover a period of up to 12 months, as they enroll for an upper study cycle.

  1. The UL Women’s Studies Centre appoints applicants for mobility exclusively from among the UL students (including doctoral students), in consultation with the student’s home Faculty Coordinator. For the mobility available from the pool of places assigned to the Women’s Studies Centre, students of all Faculties may apply, if interested in issues related to Gender Studies within their main field of study at the UL.
  2. Erasmus Mundus Programme Students (Joint Master Degrees), who study as full-cycle UL students and do not receive grant from the Erasmus Mundus Programme budget for their mobility at the UL, may apply for a mobility grant from the Erasmus+ programme by taking part in the present enrolment.
  3. The period of mobility for studies within Erasmus+ framework shall not be shorter than 3 months or longer than 12 months within one study cycle. Each individual mobility period is to be started and finished between 1 July 2019 and 15 September 2020 (including the possible period of prolongation).
  4. The basic selection criteria for applicants are: grade point average not lower than 3,5, a foreign language proficiency level matching the requirements of the host university (preferably confirmed with an external certificate), and a high motivation level. Moreover, the Faculties are entitled to set supplementary criteria, such as evidence of active participation in the University’s life, scientific achievement, etc., making students aware of the criteria established for the enrolment. The UL students who have not yet participated in international mobility within the framework of Erasmus+/ LLP Erasmus / Campus Europae / FSS / Erasmus Mundus, may be given priority in the enrolment for the Erasmus+ mobility.

The following algorithm for the calculation of the students’ grade average is valid for additional enrollment purposes:

 For students of first-cycle, second-cycle, and long-cycle Master’s degree studies:
– For students of the aforementioned study cycles, who, due to resumption of their studies, repetition of a study year, or a leave of absence, have been registered as students of a study year to which, in accord with the binding Rules of Study, rules for calculation of the grade point average apply:

  • weighted grade point average for the entire cycle, counted exclusively for the home study programme pertaining to the student’s application for mobility (subject to the UL Rules of Study).

– For third-cycle students:

  •  final grade from the second-cycle or long-cycle (as appropriate) Master’s degree graduation diploma

In any other case different from those listed above, the grade point average shall be calculated for the entire study cycle of the home study program which pertains to the student’s application for the mobility, subject to the provisions of the UL Rules of Study.

  1. The student shall be enrolled for study mobility upon filling in the online application form, available on the USOSWeb platform. The form shall be made available to students on 10/6/2019, from 12 noon. Applications shall be collected till 24/6/2019, 12 noon.  After logging in, the student may choose two or three Universities (the number being dependent on the Coordinator’s decision for a given study field) out of the list available to his/her home Faculty and his/her study field. One mobility offer may eventually be allocated per individual student.

Further steps of the qualification procedure shall take place at the Faculties, whose authorities may additionally require language certificates, and/or information on the student’s outstanding achievement, as well as they may hold further interviews with the student between 24 June and 2 July 2019. The student’s grade average shall be obtained from the home Faculty’s Dean’s office, upon the motion of the Faculty Coordinator responsible for the study field/programme which pertains to the Student’s application.

With an application at the USOSWeb platform, the Students are obliged to provide information on all instances of previous participation in study or placement mobility within the framework of Erasmus+ /LLP Erasmus /Erasmus Mundus from the UL or other institutions, specifying the name(s) of host institution(s), the departure and arrival date according to the confirmation of stay, level of studies, mobility type and host country. Students who never participated in the mobility of the above types shall submit a declaration of no previous participation.

  1. The enrolment takes place at the Faculties, and a separate Admissions Committee shall be set for each Faculty. After the enrolment process finishes, its outcomes, including enrolment lists, shall be announced not later than 3 July 2019, together with information on the 7-day review procedure. The appellate body for this shall be a specially appointed Erasmus+ Programme Committee. The Faculty level shall be the last stage of applicant selection, yet the final decision on the acceptance of the nominated student shall be made by the receiving institution. After allocation of the mobility by the Faculty Coordinator, the qualified student shall print out a Student mobility nomination form from the USOSWeb platform, sign it, and submit to the Faculty Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator not later than 12 July 2019 with one passport photograph attached.

In addition, students of the third year of first-cycle studies (who are enrolled for mobility during the first year of their second-cycle studies) are asked to provide the Faculty Coordinator with their written obligation to continue their studies (on the following cycle basis) at the same Faculty where they have been enrolled for mobility.

Work protocols of Faculty committees, along with recruitment lists, enrolment lists, reserve lists, together with Student mobility nomination forms, and Statements, shall be transferred to the International Relations Office within a non-extendible deadline of 12 July 2019.

  1. Should a student on an enrolment list decide to resign, the free place shall be given to the next available student on the reserve list.
  2. Faculty Coordinators shall keep the full record of the enrolment process for the following five years.
  3. The method of financing the mobility for studies within the framework of Erasmus+ programme shall be stipulated in a separate document – Rules of Financing Student Mobility for Study in the 2019-2020 Academic Year. If the University of Lodz fails to acquire a sufficient pool of funds to cover all the grants for the mobility of the students enrolled, then each Faculty shall make a ranking list of students to be given priority in receiving a grant for their mobility.
  4. Students with certified disabilities may apply for additional funds from a special aid fund for persons with disabilities. Forms and detailed information can be found at the following website:
  5. Students who, during the summer semester of 2018-2019 receive a UL social benefit, may be eligible to apply for extra funds from the PO WER program budget for international student mobility in the 2019-2020 academic year. The amount of this co-financing, acknowledged as a social benefit, shall be equivalent to 200 EUR per month. Details will be announced with the Rules of Financing Student Mobility for Study in the 2019-2020 academic year.
  6. The above Rules have been approved by the Pro-Rector for Domestic and International Cooperation – Assoc. Paweł Starosta, PhD (dr hab. Paweł Starosta, prof. nadzw. UŁ).


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