Before the mobility 2020/21

Rector’s Regulation no. 167 of the University of Lodz Subject: Foreign travel of UL students, post-graduates and personnel, and entry of individuals from foreign destinations under the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) epidemic


With regard to the preliminary consent, given by the Rector-elect Prof. Elżbieta Żądzińska, for departures for the Erasmus+ student mobility for studies from September 2020, please read following planned procedure scheme of signing the grant agreement for student mobility which is established and signed between the UL student and the UL represented by Bursar and  the University Pro-Rector for the 2020-2024 term of office. Signing the grant agreement is an obligatory condition to carry out the student mobility and receive the grant within the Erasmus+/Education programme. 

In order to sign the grant agreement, please use your UL email account ( to send the set of listed below documents to one of the following IRO UL staff  email addresses:;; Documents sent from private emails will not be accepted and considered. Please send your documents before the beginning of planned study period abroad.
– Learning Agreement for Studies (Before the mobility) with 3 signatures;
– annex to the LAS with 2 signatures – if applicable;
– admission letter/email with precise dates (dd/mm/yy) of student mobility abroad and information about the learning mode. If such information is not included in the admission letter/email, the student is obliged to send missing information in other document/email received from the host University.
– confirmation of UL student status, valid for the mobility semester 2020/21 – received by the outgoing student from the home Dean’s office; Please email your  home Dean’s office to apply for it.
– medical insurance policy valid for the period of trip and stay at the host institution, as well as the travel back to the home institution’s country
– certificate issued by the Student Service Centre of the UL on receiving a UL social scholarship in the summer semester 2019/20, if applicable, 

Please remember to legalise your stay abroad before departure from Poland/home country or at the beginning of your stay in the target country. The outgoing student declares in the grant agreement that he/she is familiar with the formal requirements concerning the legalisation of the stay in the target country.

More details about documents are posted here

Moreover, before signing the grant agreement each student going for the Erasmus+ mobility is obliged to take the OLS test before the mobility. In order to activate your account on the OLS platform, the student is asked to send an email with declaration on language skills to the following address: In an e-declaration please give your name and surname, country of your host University, name of the host University, your home Faculty at the UL, language at which the student declares to fill in the OLS test which must be the same language as the language of instruction abroad. An invitation to the OLS test will be generated to  student’ university email address. 

After checking by IRO UL staff all documents sent by an outgoing student and verifying that the OLS test was filled in successfully, the student will receive an email with attached grant agreement to print it out, sign in 2 duplicates and resend firstly by email to the IRO UL staff and secondly send by post to the IRO UL. It is necessary to attach the original signed declaration with a current date to the posted agreement. 

After countersigning the grant agreement by the UL Rector, one copy of this document will be sent to the student by email. The first instalment of the Erasmus+ scholarship shall be transferred to student’s bank account within 30 calendar days following signing of the agreement by both parties.

In the extraordinary situation, it is possible to submit the grant agreement signed by the student with the declaration to the IRO UL, after prior arranging the precise date of student’s visit in the office.

Currently, the International Relations Office UL is informing the partner universities about the UL students nominated for the Erasmus+/Education student mobility for studies for the academic year 2020/21. All nomination should be sent in April or May 2020.

Due to the epidemic threat the authorities of the UL decided to suspend the international student mobility of the UL students until further notice. We will inform you, if the abovementioned decision is changed.

UL student nominated for the Erasmus+ student mobility for studies or the student mobility within the Education programme for the academic year 2020/21, may start preparing documents which should be sent/emailed to the host university in a paper or e-version. After receiving basic information about the nominated students from the UL, usually the partner universities send a welcome email with full information about the required documents and the deadline. Generally, the nominated students are asked to register via the online system of the host university and/or send some documents in a hard or e-version.

The incoming students are usually asked to send below documents:
– application form
Learning Agreement for Studies (LAS) Before the mobility – template of the UL. Many universities have their own template of the LAS or an incoming student may be asked to fill in the online LAS via the webpage OLA . Guidelines on how to prepare the LAS.
student Transcript of Records, which you may get from your home Dean’s office. It should be signed by the Dean or the Dean’s office staff.
– confirmation of language competences. It can be a scan of official language certificate, confirmation issued by the language teacher, a result of the OLS test which is obligatory for all Erasmus+ students to take before the mobility. The access to the OLS platform will be given when the IRO UL gets the licence for outgoing students for the academic year 2020/21.
– copy of medical insurance
– copy of your ID document or passport
– cover letter or motivation letter
– other documents required by your host university.

A welcome e-mail from the host university is not equivalent to the acceptance/admission letter, which usually is sent after verification of documents sent by the incoming student.

If you were nominated for the Erasmus+/Education student mobility for studies for the academic year 2020/21 and you have not received or not receive any email from the host university until the end of April/mid May, please check information about the deadline and required procedure on the webpage of the host university dedicated for incoming exchange students and start preparing the proper documents. Depending on the total number of incoming students, the beginning date of the academic year 2020/21 at the host university, the mobility period, current situation connected with the epidemic threat, application deadlines may be different in each universities (usually between April and July for student mobility starting in the autumn/winter semester).

Please read an Erasmus+ Student Charter.

The International Relations Office of the UL may issue the nomination letter for an outgoing UL student, if the host university requires it or it is necessary to legalise your stay in the host country. Because of a remote work of the IRO UL, we may confirm your nomination by sending an additional email to the host university.

Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Studies

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