Enrolment rules 2021/22

Enrolment rules for Student Mobility for Studies within the Erasmus+ and Education programme 2021/22 

The schedule of the enrolment for the academic year 2021/22

1st stage: submitting the application form through the USOSWeb platform between: 15 February (12 noon) – 10 March 2021 (12 noon) 2021.

2nd stage of enrolment takes place at the Faculties between 10 and 26 March 2021 February 2021. Please contact your Faculty Coordinator to ask about the 2nd stage of enrolment. 

If you want to learn more about the mobility, enrolment, and possibilities of studying abroad, please join the meeting with IRO staff on 18 February (Thursday). The following is the link to MS Teams meeting in English: Click to join the meeting – see you on 18 February 2021, 1pm-3pm

Presentation from the meeting on 18.02.2021

In case of questions about the enrolment for the Erasmus+/Education student mobility for studies, please contact your home Faculty Coordinator or the IRO UL (phone: + 42 635 40 36) or via MS Teams (

What is the Erasmus+student mobility for studies? 

Click and find detailed information:

Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Economics and Sociology Facebook live – 22.02.2021 godz. 12:00
Faculty of Philology
Faculty of Philosophy and History
Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Geographical Sciences
Faculty of Educational Sciences
UL Women’s Studies Centre
Faculty of Law and Administration
Faculty of International and Political Studies – Faculty meeting on 24/02/2021 at 10:30 in Polish, at 11:30 in English. Please contact dr Agata Włodarska-Frykowska (, if you would like to participete in the meeting.  

Faculty of Management – Faculty meeting on 23.02.2021 12:00-13:00: Click the meeting
UL Branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki

Below you may find more information about the first stage of the enrolment.

Due to the overload of the USOSweb system in the last hours of registration, please submit your application in advance!

List of mobility offers for students of particular UŁ Faculties (as they are based on signed agreements between partner universities abroad and a given UŁ Faculty) within the Erasmus + programme will be available at the USOSWeb platform.

While viewing Erasmus+ study abroad offers (mobility offers) in the USOSweb platform, please pay attention to whether the given offer is available for students of your study programme (major) and cycle of studies (Bachelor’s / Master’s degree etc.). Please also check the foreign partner university’s website for details of the Erasmus + classes and modules, and if their content fit and correspond to your regular study programme at the UŁ.

When you sign in to the USOSWeb, enter the „Student’s Section” menu and select the „Student Exchange” tab, then choose your home Faculty of the UŁ, or specifically if you study at the Faculty of Philology, choose one of the units/departments listed below, where mobility offers (marked E +) will be defined and active for this year’s recruitment.

In the case of departures from the Faculty of Philology of the University of Łódź, the list of outgoing mobilities to foreign universities under the Erasmus + program can be found at the USOSweb platform, marked as available for the following units:
Katedra Dramatu i Teatru (Department of Drama and Theatre) – for students of Polish Philology, Journalism, Library Science, Cultural Studies;
Katedra Pragmatyki Językowej (Department of Pragmatics) – English, Spanish, Romance (French) and Italian Philology;
Zakład Literatury Niemieckojęzycznej (Department of German Literature) – German, Slavic, Russian, and Classical Philology.

Under the „University of Łódź” tag in the USOSweb list, there are mobility offers negotiated by the Women’s Studies Centre in order to be made available to all the UŁ students interested in the issues of Gender Studies, regardless of their home Faculty.

The student may submit 1 (one) application in the USOSweb platform available to their home Faculty (or Department, in the case of the Faculty of Philology) and 1 (one) additional application tagged „University of Lodz” if he or she can justify their academic interest in the field of Gender Studies.

Details of 2nd stage of enrolment 

The 2nd Stage of enrolment is held at each UL Faculty between 10 and 26 March 2021, and there may be an additional MS Teams interview in order to verify the language skills you declared. Your Faculty Coordinator will guide you through the 2nd stage. 

At this stage, grade average of students (who submitted their application via USOSweb) will be obtained from the Dean’s Office of the appropriate UL Faculty. 

Final results of the enrolment should appear at your USOSweb student account by 29 March 2021. The qualified student should as soon as possible provide missing details in the Mobility tab, and, after Coordinator’s approval, a Student Mobility Nomination Form may be generated. You will be able to download the form as soon as the Finished status shows up in the Qualification Stage field – then, press the Print Form button. 

You should download the Student Mobility Nomination Form and send it to your Faculty Coordinator not later than on 30 March 2021, by attaching it to your e-mail in which you state a declarative clause such as: This Student mobility nomination form is true and I agree on the conditions of the student mobility granted to me”. Moreover, students of 3rd year of Bachelor’s degree programmes who are qualified for mobility starting in their 1st year of Master’s degree studies, should attach the Field of Study Declaration to their Faculty Coordinator in order to assure that they continue studies at the same UL Faculty as their Bachelor programme under which they applied for their mobility. The Field of Study Declaration rule also pertains to students qualified for 2021/22 edition, whose mobility is scheduled to start during their first year of PhD studies at a UL Doctoral School. 


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